Hire LATAM employees and save up to 70%

 At Talen Nearby, we understand the critical importance of building a talented and reliable team to drive your business forward. We prioritize your hiring needs by providing a unique and risk-free approach to talent acquisition..

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Why Talent Nearby

Risk-Free Partnership

No upfront costs; you only pay if a successful hire is made.

Swift Hiring Process

Average time-to-hire is under 2 weeks, ensuring a quick and efficient recruitment process.

Transparent Pricing

A fully transparent pricing structure; you have clear visibility into the costs for your team and our service fees

Hire your Candidate

as International Business Contractor and simplify your internal process and liability


Talent Nearby Benefits

We drive the growth of private businesses by recruiting top talent at an incredibly low cost. Our focus is on delivering high-performance staffing solutions that fuel your expansion and success.

In contrast to wages in the U.S. and Canada, labor costs in LATAM are up to 70% lower. The overall cost of living is substantially more economical, making it a cost-effective choice for business operations.

A significant portion of workers in Latin America (LATAM) possess exceptional abilities in both written and spoken English.

Our culture and values closely mirror those of America and Canada. You’ll find common ground with your international colleagues, fostering a sense of shared identity.

A plethora of exceptional professionals is enthusiastic about remote work opportunities with American and Canadian companies.

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• We’ll reach out promptly to coordinate an Alignment Call with our recruitment team, ensuring alignment on expectations, timelines, and the customization of the hiring process.

• Your designated Account Manager will dispatch the initial set of pre-screened candidates within 5 to 10 Business Days after the call.

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